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Aski Memnu

Aski Memnu – Having lost his wife eleven years ago, Adnan devoted all his attention to his daughter Nihal and his son Bulent. Adnan, who lives in one of the most prominent and beautiful mansions along the Bosporus in Istanbul with a relative’s son Behlul, and his children’s nanny, meets Bihter who is also a socialite couple’s daughter she is very elegant and beautiful, everyone who meets her get stunned and jealous of her and he falls in love with her. While searching for peace, safety and happiness in Adnan’s mansion, Bihter meets passion. Behlul and Bihter fall completely into each other and become drowned by their infatuation with each other. Their secret love affair will soon affect every member of the family and the tide will turn.

This is, Aski Memnu (Forbidden Love).

Serial: Aski Memnu

Title in English: Forbidden Love

Genre: DramaRomance

Actors: , ,

Duration: 56 minutes

Quality: FULL HD

Year: , ,

IMDb: 7.4

Status: Completed