Can Yaman speaks for Demet Ozdemir

Posted 2020/05/23 0

Can Yaman speaks for Demet Ozdemir

Actor Can Yaman was spotted a few days ago leaving Faruk Turgut’s office in Etilier, he made a statement on the quarantine process and also ended discussions on Demet Ozdemir.

Starting with the quarantine period, he said, “I tried to turn this process into a positive thing. I played on batteries, did physical exercises, and learned to dance tango.

The famous actor also spoke about the photos shared on social media a few days ago about his hair. He said that this action of the paparazzi was completely ridiculous and they should not deal with his appearance.

Regarding the rumors about Demet Ozdemir, he said that the actress is just a very dear friend to him and that he has a lot of affection for her. We have no quarrels or pleasures with each other.