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Kizim – Eight-year-old Oyku is an extremely small little girl, who unlike her colleagues is very sensitive and perceived by the world around her. When her aunt, who has been her caretaker since birth, abandons her, Oyku will have to find her father, Demir. Unfortunately, an irresponsible adult and a cheater who grew up in an orphanage, is arrested the day the daughter comes to find him. Demir is released by the court on condition that he take care of his daughter, but he does not want to live with his daughter anymore…

This is, Kizim (My Little Girl).

Serial: Kizim

Title in English: My Little Girl

Genre: AdventureDramaFamilyRomance

Actors: , , , ,

Director: ,

Duration: 136 minutes

Quality: FULL HD

Year: ,

IMDb: 6.2

Status: Completed