Tolgahan: If I were born again, I would marry Almeda again

Posted 2020/05/14 0

Turkish actor Tolgahan Sayisman and Almeda Abazi have been together for years, married and with a beautiful family with their son, Efehan.

The couple are among the most liked by the public and always in the attention of paparazzi and journalists as well as the public.

Tolgahan has shown that he does not hesitate to express his love for Almeda in public.

The actor recently answered questions from fans on Instagram and questions about Almeda were numerous.

Tolgahan said that if he came to this world once again, he would be married to Almeda again.

When asked who he loved more, Almeda or Efehan, Tolga did not share his two great loves at all and replied back: “Both, for me, are one like air and the other like water.”

The actor was also asked what he doesn’t like about Almeda and he replied that she is crazy about cleanliness.

Tolga also expressed that he wants himself and Almeda to give birth to other children, of course when the time is right.

Tolgahan If I were born again, I would marry Almeda again